Shipping & Terms

Shipping price & Terms

  Shipping price start stander 5- 7 days service on FREE ( can be deliver shorter time) Or you can purchase a national service. National service shipping $3.00 to $5.75 from 0.1 - 16oz product all package provide tracking number on USPS.  First class mail - can take up to 5 days on stander process come with tracking number.  Pin (email & credit ) No shipping are only options for air time pin to be deliver by email or credit your account directly. Small % will be charge as a process fee all done in process of 1/24 hour or less on stander hour of operation. FREE shipping over $50 or more sales value will be shipped on Stander or UPS we may provide in writing what we choose to shipped. Local shipping options to ship in OHIO or Columbus can take 1 day or 2 tops any update will be email with status.

Local Pick up- We have local pick up service for in Columbus Ohio no process fee. 1 Hour pick up only please wait for status update when ready for pick up.

All shipping come with tracking we ask to keep track of your order any delay report to us. Delay "Report - after 5 days have not receive package" refunded only on item with shipping guarantee. Terms - choosing pin(email & credit ) options on item that does require shipping stander or express will be place on NO-shipped item service even cancel order until you pay correct shipping. Lost package must be reported refunded may apply base on the investigation final conclusion are final. A full investigation including report in writing by shipping company ( it can be tracking or internal status) we will investigate fully. You may or may not qualify for refunded on item that was show deliver. We may require extra fee shipping as a insurance coverage if not taken you will be fully responsible for your own package. You can pick up your own package even if you choose to have it shipped we may change status on your shipping. Change mind on item purchase can be returned but shipping charge will not be apply plus you will need to to returned pay shipping. We can provided credit to be use of replacement item but you need to shipped item back 5 or 3 days later. No returned shipping can't stay longer then 12 days after approval of returned. 


   Ups provide price base on retail order only all show at check out. You may find price more with ups but we it secure your package deliver on time. Any package lost by UPS we provided refused doesn't require to have guarantee. No extra fee apply for UPS all feel are display. We do require you need to keep status on your own package when shipped though UPS this included deliver at home from porch. You need to change information you can contact ups to have deliver to policy station or 3rd shipping port. You can request for us change limitation before deliver to another location safe for your package to be deliver. Remember this limited because shipper provider may or maynot accepted request we will contact you if any changes was made. 

Prices: Stander UPS

$10.00 , May be charge as shipping invoice or on your shopping cart. 


   We don't use FEDEX service...

Return Policy in Person 

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it to Columbus office within 15 days from the date of your purchase. All refunds will be credited back to you or in store credit original order any one of our sale team member will be able to assist you.  We provide credit back it may take 5  to 6 days from the returned date.  Note: Items bought through In-Store Pickup must be returned to Columbus office.

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