Update on our policy selling pins.

Nov 15, 2021

Starting monday morning 15 or November 2021. We will only sell the pin to be shipped to all buyer only Exclusive buyer may have access to receive air time pin by email.  Paypal has provide update on policy this included us to change update our shipping policy witch product to be cover when ship. Because we gotten few buyer claiming false report regarding the pin email or deliver out policy has to be change to reflect the matter handle best. All Air time pin will be deliver to you by mail you can get free shipping buying more then one NO extra or pay extra want it earlier time. The shipping stander service will stay on 3/4 days when shipping air time pin. You will get it quickly we keep our promises proving a satisfactory. 

Any question please contact us direct or call us. We only asking to please understand work with us we are here to work with you.

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