Frequently Asked Questions

You can find or you should find most of your answer question here. In some point you don't want to contact us directly please do. Speak with our online support person or email us we monitor our email all day. Please wait 3-6 hours responses time. 

First time

First time buyer or subscriber , starting to buy this your first deal.  

open-close-arrowDo I have to register ?

Yes is best to keep recorded of your order including air time pin. We all ways try hold all order none delete even changes so this why we require to register. Any mistake can change your order to be delay so we hope or cancel so register for verification reason. All your information keep safe learn about privacy policy. 

Last updated on Oct 26, 2020
open-close-arrowI would like to buy air time pin?

You choose the air time pin you like to buy process the check out. We have remove check out with shipping on 90% air time sold on our site. The process is quickly easy (Email and credit direct options) choose from any two we process quicker on office time hour. 8am - 4:30pm after lower processes. Your money doesn't get lost you are fully cover get correct air time card. 

Last updated on Oct 26, 2020
open-close-arrowWhy my account was subspended

We take our site security serious when it come purchase on our site. Any order that previous made if it can't be deliver we lock your site for investigation. All order process though our site we monitor focus what buyers experience even if they had problem order. 

You may need to contact us directly to investigate why. Logon to your account read the message contact us we like to keep clear with customer. 

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020
open-close-arrowJust place order though Paypal does show

We have major security we try to make sure you are who you so we may require some information. You should provide your information to our team if you wish not we will cancel your order is no personal is just security. Our site we try our best to maintain secure professional site that keep our information and transaction safe. 


 Paypal or Credit card , both can have same affect. 

You will need pass our require 

Last updated on Nov 10, 2020
open-close-arrowWhy my order was cancel?

We take every order serious we notice some suspicious we may cancel your order. In most buyer try to buy using Paypal to make your order smoothly no delay. We can place on hold for verification we take security very serious. Most business just want to sell we want to make sure everyone has great experience including us. 

You can contact why any delay we let you know.

Last updated on Nov 4, 2020

Monthly subcriber

Only apply to monthly subscribers  

open-close-arrowDo you have membership ?

Yes we do can be found at the bottom of the page "membership" is easy to process the sign up process.

Once is paid you need to log off then back in it will be register. 

Any question on your membership kindly contact us all product will be posted online. You will have access to discount easy to order.

Last updated on Oct 29, 2020
open-close-arrowHow could I get started ?

You can get started by email us is best provide us the number we send you an invoice. 

All subscribers require to have correct information we may cancel if not correct you receive an invoice every month we will guarantee a satisfactory sim card will be automatic 10% off any sim card. 

Other benifit are available please ask. 

Last updated on May 1, 2021


Stander question about sign up and what to do FAQ

open-close-arrowIt has been 1 week haven't gotten my item

Please contact us we take that very serious you should be waiting more then 5 day for any item shipped. As you know we monitor our shipping but we can't tell 100% until you get it. Please don't wait to long when you monitoring your purchase item report back to us or call us. 

Last updated on Oct 26, 2020
open-close-arrowWhat your stander shipping

We charge stander shipping are fast (3/2 days) Base on the postal office are fast. We charge $3.00 to 3.45 shipping from sim to phones all depended on weights. The price can be change for promotion or can not check for any update. 

Last updated on Oct 26, 2020

Air time pin

Learn FAQ on air time pins credit your account and more. 

open-close-arrowWhy i lost service on my air pin.

We recently notice air time pin been stolen if we suspect you stealing air pin even if it wasn't u. 

Any pin sold to you will be cancel we will shout down right away. Your client may receive text the air time pin was stolen service will be shutdown.

We protect all our customer account but anyone purchase from us they are included protect your account.

Note: Your account will be suspended never to be use again.  

Last updated on Nov 16, 2020
open-close-arrowNotice you provide offers..

Yes, we have the options you can send us your offer. You can just type your name and email we will approve or deny. 

Doesn't take long to take the offer once accepted it we will email you the invoice pay right away we can process your or winning approval. 

Last updated on May 1, 2021

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